TATOC Affiliation is reserved for those businesses that have been approved by TATOC and have agreed to follow the TATOC Code of Conduct As part of this Code, Affiliated companies commit to full compliance with all applicable legislation, which includes the latest timeshare Regulations.

TATOC Affiliated companies must demonstrate the highest standards of business ethics, principles and practices, and a commitment to the highest standards of products and services – correctly sold, well managed and well maintained, with the consumer as the principle focus. Affiliates are regularly assessed to ensure that they continue to comply with TATOC’s Code of Conduct and provide the highest levels of customer service.

Affiliation is recognition for approved suppliers of products and services such as resort developers, management companies, exchange organisations, and re-sale companies, software providers, consultants, etc. Affiliation gives businesses a competitive edge when resorts are looking to purchase goods and services, and consumers confidence when dealing with Affiliated suppliers.

TATOC Platinum Affiliates are shown immediately below. Further information and links to their websites are available by clicking on their logo.

TATOC also has a number of Gold and Silver Affiliates which are shown below the Platinum Affiliates. Further information on these companies is available by clicking on


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