TATOC Consumer Helpline

A charity dedicated to providing help and advice to timeshare owners. Visit www.tatocconsumerhelpline.eu

The TATOC Consumer Helpline is a charity that offers information, help and advice to timeshare owners. Help is available to anyone who has a question or problem relating to any aspect of timeshare ownership.

The TATOC Consumer Helpline is a free service and is available to everyone. Support is provided by telephone, e-mail or through the on-line ‘LiveHelp’ facility.

TATOC Timeshare Helpline Logo

TATOC’s Consumer Helpline is recognised by, and works in conjunction with, all major government agencies including Citizens Advice, the European Consumer Centre, the Competition and Markets Authority, Trading Standards, and many others.

There is a wide range of frequently asked questions and dedicated Timeshare Consumer Guides that cover 95% of all consumer enquiries.

Around 70% of contacts to the helpline are simple requests for information, with 30% being complaints. Of the complaints we receive more than 90% are resulting from the activities of bogus or fraudulent companies/practices. Each year the helpline helps consumers to recover, or better still to avoid the loss of, more than £2million if consumers follow TATOC advice.

Whatever the nature of your enquiry or problem, there is a skilled team of timeshare professionals waiting to help.

Visit www.tatocconsumerhelpline.eu to learn more