The A to Z of TATOC

    TATOC has announced the launch of a video-based campaign to promote itself and the services it provides to timeshare owners, resort committees, the general timeshare industry and the wider legal, consumer and media community.

    Explaining the Association’s decision to invest in this marketing tool, TATOC CEO and executive chairman Harry Taylor said: “The association has just celebrated its 25th anniversary and we are now involved in every aspect of the timeshare industry representing the interests of timeshare consumers.  We felt that a short video was the best way to showcase who we are today in a quick and easy-to-follow way.”

    Developed by Steve Pentland from Group Impact, the four minute 21 second video takes viewers on an  ‘A to Z’ tour of TATOC and the services provided by the association in its mission to safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience for users and to be the voice of owners.

    The video was launched at the recent TATOC 2015 conference. Feedback from delegates has been very positive with many viewers admitting they were unaware of the activities of TATOC and the areas in which it is involved.
    “It has certainly opened the eyes of many in the industry and in other fields who were not aware, for example, that TATOC represents over 400,000 timeshare families, that our registered charity helpline has helped in over 18,000 cases and that the association works with Brussels and the U.K. parliament to help develop timeshare legislation that protects consumers,” added Taylor.

    The video is available to view directly on the TATOC website (, the Sharetime magazine website ( and will be distributed internationally.

    The Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees), known as TATOC, was formed 25 years ago and is the only elected consumer association representing the interests of timeshare owners in Europe.

    The mission of TATOC is to safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience for existing and prospective users and to be the voice of owners.

    In recent years, TATOC has focused not only on increasing the membership base but also raising the profile of the association, establishing TATOC as the recognised voice of the timeshare consumer and an informed point of contact.

    The not-for-profit association is now a regular, unbiased contributor to the consumer press and works closely with the U.K.’s Trading Standards offices, law enforcement, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the CMA (formerly the OFT) and other authorities.

    TATOC CEO Harry Taylor is regularly interviewed on national radio and features in the industry press.